Just for Laughs festival promo pokes fun at Quebec’s language issues

MONTREAL – Jean-François Lisée, Quebec’s minister responsible for the anglophone community has come under fire for a Just For Laughs Promo.

In the advert, Lisée and Andy Nulman, the head of Just for Laughs, had a little laugh together to promote this summer’s festival –  and it all centred on language and culture.

In the YouTube video, Nulman and Lisée poke fun at the “pastagate” affair. They also talk about comic Sugar Sammy going over to the the dark side.

Lisée also wonders how the festival will do with such a big draw now working in French. He even pokes fun at his own job within the PQ governement.

You can watch the full video below:

The Just for Laughs festival runs from July 10 to 28.


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