Alberta volunteer farmers annual harvest helps battle worldwide hunger

WATCH ABOVE: In a effort to help end world hunger, a central Alberta group of volunteer farmers are donating a tea barley crop to the Canadian Foodgrains Banks.

Every year central Alberta volunteer farmers come together to harvest a crop with a goal to end world hunger.

It’s the 17th year for Share the Harvest, a board made up of 10 directors. This year the crop they’re harvesting near Gibbons, Alta. is tea barley.

It’s a roasted-grain-based infusion which is a staple across East Asian regions like the Koreas, China, Japan, and Taiwan. It has a toasty flavor, with slight bitter undertones.

“[It] will get exported to Japan and Korea, it’s a kind of specialty tea and they just love it over there,” Share the Harvest Director Cecil Goutbeck said.

The crop is donated to Canadian Foodgrains Bank. a charity that helps send food to families in need around the world. They sell it within Canada and the buyer exports it. The money is then used to help feed people in Africa, Central America and Asia.

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The hope is the this crop will raise $70,000.

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“For what little we do here, we can help the people a lot and it’s matched by the [federal] government four-to-one, so we have a good bank for our buck,” Goutbeck said.

A small celebration was held just outside of Gibbons, Alta., to mark the harvest.  Since beginning, Share the Harvest has raised $1.25 million.

“All of these people involved with growing projects are donating their time, many of the input cost are donated by Ag companies and local businesses,” Canadian Foodgrains Bank regional director Terence Barg said.

“The cold proceeds from that come of the crop, will be donated to the Foodgrains Bank.”

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There are more than 200 growing projects to support the foodgrains bank across Canada. 34 are in Alberta.

WATCH: Preview of the Share the Harvest 17th Annual Harvest Event near Fort Saskatchewan

Share the Harvest 17th Annual Harvest Event near Fort Saskatchewan
Share the Harvest 17th Annual Harvest Event near Fort Saskatchewan