‘Say his name’: Police hunting for Walter White lookalike on meth allegations

Todd Barrick, left, is shown in a mugshot alongside Walter White (Bryan Cranston), the fictional character from TV show 'Breaking Bad.'. Galesburg Police Department/Facebook and Breaking Bad/Twitter

Police in Illinois have a simple message for the public: beware the one who knocks; he is the danger.

Authorities are looking for a man who bears a striking resemblance to Walter White, the fictional science teacher-turned-criminal mastermind in the television series Breaking Bad.

Todd Barrick, 50, is wanted on allegations of violating his parole in connection with meth possession, according to the Galesburg Police Department.

A mugshot of Barrick has gone viral after many compared him to White, who is played by actor Bryan Cranston.

Todd Barrick, 50, is shown in this mugshot from the Galesburg Police Department.
Todd Barrick, 50, is shown in this mugshot from the Galesburg Police Department. Galesburg Police Department/Facebook

Both Barrick and White have a bald head, glasses and a red beard, but Barrick looks like an alternate-reality version of White — perhaps one who may have used some of his signature blue meth.

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Barrick is pictured in his mugshot with several tattoos on his body. He also looks a bit confused, or maybe he’s simply squinting because of the bright lights of the police station.

Facebook users have flooded the police department’s page with jokes comparing Barrick to the Breaking Bad character.

“When you find him, say his name,” user Alexs Zabaleta wrote.

“I knew Heisenberg was still alive,” Donny Alan wrote. “He knocks still.”

Barrick has not yet been arrested.

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