‘Why don’t we just play for it?’: Calgary hockey players use shootout to close on house sale

Click to play video: 'Calgary hockey players use shootout to close on house sale' Calgary hockey players use shootout to close on house sale
WATCH: Two Calgary hockey players used a shootout to decide a $3,000 difference in a house sale. Michael King reports – Sep 5, 2019

A Calgary home up for sale has been sold, but the final deal was negotiated in a uniquely Canadian way.

Seller Gavin Wolch said he and the buyer were $3,000 apart during the last round of negotiations.

Wolch, who plays goalie in a Calgary men’s recreational league, said that when he found out that the man who planned to buy the home was a former professional hockey player, he said he proposed a shootout.

“I made a big mouth comment to my wonderful real estate agent,” said Wolch. “Why don’t we just play for it?”

Daniel Weiner, Wolch’s real estate agent, said the buyer — who didn’t want to be identified for privacy reasons — agreed to the shootout after a quick online search.

“They Googled my client and figured out he’s a 38-year-old lawyer,” said Weiner. “They decided [it was] a good idea… [to] have a shootout to determine the final price on the contract.”
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The best-of-11 shootout started with Wolch and the former pro trading goals and saves.

In the end, Wolch was able to make two key saves, winning the shootout 6-4.

With the contest over, Wolsh said he hopes more people find ways to make tedious tasks, like selling a house, more fun.

“It’s important, no matter what you’re doing, to find a way to enjoy yourself,” said Wolch. “In a down [real estate] market… if you can turn it into something you enjoy and your family can come watch, it makes it worth it.”

Wolsh wasn’t the only winner, as the two real estate agents also had a side bet: the loser paid for the ice time.

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