Greyhound bus impounded for speeding

A Greyhound bus.
A Greyhound bus.

BLUE RIVER, B.C. – When it comes to the rules of the road, no one is immune in B.C., including the passenger bus service Greyhound.

The Ministry of Transportation says one of the company’s buses was impounded after speeding through a construction zone on a B.C. highway near Blue River, about 230 kilometres north of Kamloops, B.C.

A commercial vehicle safety officer says the bus was going about 110 kilometres an hour, but the speed limit in the construction zone on Highway 5 was 50.

In a written statement, the ministry says because of the hazardous circumstances that the operator placed himself in along with his passengers and other vehicles, the bus was stopped and impounded.

The passengers aboard the bus were forced to wait at a restaurant before a second bus came to take them to their destinations.

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Greyhound has not responded to inquiries about the issue. (CHNL, The Canadian Press)