Former educator helps ‘clear the lists’ for Saskatchewan teachers

Holly Horvath, a former teacher, is raising money to help fund educators' classroom wish lists. Dave Parsons / Global News

While back-to-school shopping can take a toll on parents’ pockets, classroom costs can be an even bigger challenge for teachers. It’s a financial struggle that former Grade 1 teacher Holly Horvath is trying to alleviate.

Horvath, who is now a lifestyle blogger, says she spent thousands of dollars during her teaching career. She says “it’s really important for [her] students to have a warm, welcoming, calming environment,” which translates into things like colourful bulletin boards, classroom libraries and different work stations—all supplied by the teacher.

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“You’re essentially given the bare bones and then you are to fill in the gaps with your own money,” Horvath said, adding classrooms come with desks, tables and school board resources, but no frills.

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Horvath started a #ClearTheLists GoFundMe campaign for teachers to submit their classroom wish lists. The hope is to pay for some of the teachers’ supplies through donations.

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“I hope that this initiative really opens people’s eyes to how much teachers spend, to how much they put in and how much they really do care,” Horvath said. “Hopefully we’ll get a little bit more support.”

The campaign has a goal of $5000. Individual wish lists can’t exceed $300.

The #ClearTheLists Go Fund Me campaign can be found here.