Town of Claresholm to hold elector vote on bylaw allowing council to borrow $2.8M

A file photo. Global News

The Town of Claresholm is asking its residents to weigh in on a borrowing bylaw.

The bylaw would allow council to borrow $2.8 million to build new administration, daycare, playschool and multi-use buildings.

The total cost is expected to be $3.8 million. The town already has just over $100,000 in reserves and nearly $900,000 in provincial grants to help cover the remaining balance.

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Mayor Doug MacPherson said the vote of the electors was proposed after some citizens voiced concerns over the idea of borrowing money.

“There was a group in town that started a petition to stop the borrowing,” MacPherson said.

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“They don’t believe that the town needs a new daycare or town office or playschool.”

MacPherson said this is the second time a petition directed at borrowing funds to build new infrastructure has been circulated in the town. He said he brought the idea of the vote forward to council, instead of waiting for the petition to be filed.

“I thought it would be the best thing to put it to a vote and see what the people are thinking,” he said. “I’m sure we have a lot of support, but I thought it was better to just put it to a vote and find out exactly where everybody is sitting.”

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The vote is set for Sept. 30.

Voters must be 18 years old, live in the town and be Canadian citizens.



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