Michael Jackson documentary ‘Chase the Truth’ defends late singer

Click to play video: 'New documentary ‘Chase The Truth’ trailer released' New documentary ‘Chase The Truth’ trailer released
The Entertain Me Productions original Michael Jackson documentary, 'Chase the Truth,' defends the late-King of Pop against the sexual misconduct allegations made against him in HBO's highly controversial 'Leaving Neverland' film – Aug 15, 2019

A new documentary released on Tuesday defends Michael Jackson against multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

Chase the Truth, from Entertain Me Productions, takes an investigative look into the claims and legal battles made against the late King of Pop over the past 25 years.

Between 1979 and 1991, Jackson released hit after hit on each album, from Off the Wall to Dangerous, and was nothing short of a worldwide musical sensation. His favourable public reputation began to dwindle once the first sexual abuse allegation was made against him in 1993, and his personal life and career began to derail.

Michael Jackson gives a thumbs up to Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disneyland Paris, in France. Jacques Langevin/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images

The film serves as a direct response to HBO‘s highly controversial Leaving Neverland documentary, a four-hour Dan Reed-directed film that aims to expose Jackson’s alleged sexual abuse crimes against Wade Robson and James Safechuck.

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In opposition, the Jordan Hill-directed one-hour special features interviews from several individuals who were once close to Jackson.

The interviewees include journalist and biographer Mike Smallcombe, actor Mark Lester and his daughter Lucy, and the Thriller singer’s former bodyguard, Matt Fiddes. These individuals act as Jackson’s defence and speak in support of his innocence.

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The trailer opens with a clip from a television broadcast of Jackson addressing the allegations against him.

“In the last few weeks,” he begins, “a large amount of ugly, malicious information has been released into the media about me.”

Portions of interviews from Chase the Truth are then scattered throughout the trailer, alleging that Jackson accusers Robson, 36, and Safechuck, 41, made their accusations in hopes to make a financial profit.

“It’s never because there’s evidence that he’s done this or that,” says Fiddes. “It’s always financial.”

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Click to play video: 'A timeline of Michael Jackson’s sexual abuse allegations' A timeline of Michael Jackson’s sexual abuse allegations
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“For all of Michael’s accusers, it’s always been about money,” adds Smallcombe.

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In wake of the film’s release, Fiddes, 40, took to Instagram to share his thoughts on Chase the Truth and publicly condemn Leaving Neverland — as the Jackson family has done since its release.

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“The factual documentary about the real Michael Jackson is being released around the world right now,” wrote Fiddes.

“So glad it’s exceeded your expectations and I expect Wade and James are hiding behind a rock along with Dan Reed somewhere with embarrassment right now,” he added.

A young Wade Robson shaking hands with pop icon Michael Jackson in 1987, in a scene from HBO’s documentary, ‘Leaving Neverland.’. Dan Reed/HBO via AP

“I would love to invite Wade, James and Dan Reed to come and challenge us on live U.K. TV about the man we knew, our friend Michael Jackson.”

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Fiddes proceeded to invite some additional members of the Jackson family to the hypothetical debate.

“Let’s have @tajjackson with us too and @brandijackson82 and see how they get on,” he wrote. “Maybe @piersmorgan too!”

“We don’t need 4 hours of edited footage to show the truth about Michael Jackson and the lies about him,” he added. “I have had enough of this nonsense. We told the truth in one hour.”

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“He is not even here to defend himself,” continued Fiddes. “You should be ashamed of [yourselves]… I doubt you will face us as we know the truth and you’re gutless.”

Chase the Truth was released on Aug. 13, it is now available through several online streaming sites, including Amazon Prime.

Jackson was never found guilty of a crime in a court of law. The singer denied all sexual assault accusations throughout his life.

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