Bob Layton: The gravity of red tape

Bob Layton Editorial: Cutting the red tape
As the United Conservative government looks towards digital car insurance, Bob Layton looks at what else can go digital in his weekly editorial.

Editor’s note: This editorial and embedded video have been updated to remove a quotation which lacked context and clarity. Its inclusion may have unintentionally offended some readers. 

As the Alberta’s UCP government keeps another election promise, you’ll now be able to put your vehicle’s pink slip proof of insurance coverage on your cell phone.

People who still have their original flip phones may wonder if it’s another example of the government not being inclusive, but I digress.

The paperless proof of insurance is another step in the Kenney government’s promise to eliminate red tape.

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It’s interesting that business mogul Richard Branson says red tape often gets in his way and that’s why he carries scissors, just like Premier Jason Kenney did when he used scissors to horizontally cut red tape to highlight the Red Tape Reduction Act, under associate minister Grant Hunter.

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I hope he can take this further — like maybe putting your Alberta Personal Health Care card on your phone. Would your driver’s licence work? I’ve got too many cards in my wallet.

Let’s keep the promise to cut down the mountain of paperwork needed for everything from small businesses to big provincial projects. Couldn’t tax forms be simpler?

Bob Layton is the news manager of the Corus Edmonton group of radio stations.