Moose Jaw hotels feeling impact ahead of Garth Brooks and Regina Folk Festival

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In just a few days, country music superstar Garth Brooks is set to reign in Regina, bringing in thousands of fans. Mix in the 50th anniversary of Folk Fest, along with the Baseball Canada Cup, and you have the perfect recipe for a crowded weekend.

While there are plenty of tickets up for grabs, when it comes to accommodations things are looking more like a desert.

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“There’s definitely going to be an influx into the city,” tourism director with Tourism Regina, Ashley Stone said. “We’re looking at having a very full house in our city, with the concert going on, and Folk Fest always has a huge draw with numbers from outside [the city] as well.”

With a majority of rooms already sold out, be prepared to pay top dollar for what’s left — with some as high as $324 per night.

“If you do look online, you’ll notice that rates do go up and down just depending on demand and supply,” said Regina Hotel Association president Tracy Fahlman.

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Fahlman adds your best bet is to go straight to the source and call the hotel directly, because not all hotels put all of their availability online.

“Cancellations happen daily,” Fahlman said. “They happen hourly and if anybody is still wanting to come to the concert, looking for accommodations, call the hotel directly.”

But it’s not just the hotels in Regina that are filling up — 45 minutes outside the city, accommodations in Moose Jaw are also scarce.

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“Any time there’s a big event in Regina, because we are in such close proximity, our hotel rooms fill up, our restaurants [and] our various tourist attractions,” said Tourism Moose Jaw board chair Kelly Carty.

“From what I hear, the hotels are filling up. They’re not sold out yet but some are very close to being sold out and a lot of those hotel rooms are because of Garth Brooks.”

If you look online, reservations with Airbnb paint a similar picture, with only a handful of places left in both cities.

Still, if you’re looking to attend one of the many events in Regina this weekend, with a little luck and perseverance there is a still a good chance of finding what you’re looking for.

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