Lake Louise shuttle lineups test tourist patience with long waits

‘It’s a lot of waiting in line’: long waits greet tourists going to Lake Louise
WATCH: Massive crowds in Banff National Park tested visitor patience at some popular spots on the August long weekend. Lisa MacGregor reports.

Long lines for Lake Louise shuttles tested the patience of tourists over the August long weekend.

Most passengers had to wait one to two hours to get from one destination to the next in Banff National Park.

The shuttles run every 15 to 20 minutes from Lake Louise to Moraine Lake as well as other spots in the park.

Each bus holds 44 people and riders have to wait in line to buy tickets for each individual shuttle.

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Some visitors, like Linda O’Toole, missed their bucket list destination because of the lineups.

“It’s been very disappointing, to be honest,” she said Monday.

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“We’ve come over from Ireland and one of the main things that I wanted to see was Moraine Lake. But we were kind of shuttled up this morning and got into a one-way system where we assumed we were heading to Lake Moraine, but then we were guided back down to the park and ride. And the lady down there told us the Lake Moraine tickets were sold out.

“Felt like we were being herded.”

Linda’s husband, Barry O’Toole, said they waited an hour and a quarter in the park and ride.

“They weren’t taking cash. They were only taking debit cards and credit cards. It slowed it down again… took the shine off it a bit,” he said.

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Woodford Oldford, vice-president of Banff and Lake Louise Tourism, said it’s best to plan ahead.

“Parks Canada, the Town of Banff and ourselves have worked together to create a resource that pulls all the different ways of getting around Banff National Park with,” he said.

“I would plan ahead, and give yourself plenty of time to get around and get to do what you want to do.”

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On the website, there are links that can show you which parking lots are full.

Oldford said there are other options as well, including Roam Transit and Banff Parking.

Parks Canada has not returned Global News’ request for comment.