Calls for a second bridge to be built in Île-Bizard grow louder

WATCH: For the next three weeks, people trying to get on and off Ile Bizard will likely have to endure heavier than normal traffic. Global's Tim Sargeant explains.

There are plans for new construction to soon begin on the Jacques-Bizard bridge Île-Bizard.

That means lane closures and increased traffic are likely coming in the near future.

“It’s not going to be very conducive for people getting in and off the island. They’re going to be very upset,” Jeff Klaiman, the owner of a strip mall in Île-Bizard told Global News.

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Île-Bizard sits in the northwest section of the Island of Montreal. The existing bridge is the only year-’round access, and those who live and work in Île-Bizard argue a second bridge is desperately needed.

Traffic to access the existing one often backs up for several blocks along adjacent roads during rush hour.

“It would make it a a lot easier to get in and out.  The traffic flow would be a lot less.  It would be great,” Jeff Laufer told Global News.

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Borough Mayor Normand Marinacci’s wrote on his Facebook page that there are some plans in the works to build an additional bridge.

“As far as the new bridge, the borough and myself personally are working and pressuring Montreal to accelerate the proceedings,” Marinacci wrote.

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But it’s unclear whether that second bridge will be for all types of traffic, or reserved for cyclists, pedestrians and emergency vehicles only.

For now, attention is focused on the upcoming construction work to the existing span.

Details of when it will begin, how long it will last and what lanes will be closed are still being finalized.