Ariana Grande, Social House drop violent music video, ‘Boyfriend’

WATCH: Ariana Grande joins forces with Social House on 'Boyfriend'

Ariana Grande has partnered with up-and-coming pop music duo Social House on a brand new single entitled Boyfriend.

The song dropped early Friday morning and was accompanied by a Hannah Lux Davis-directed video, filled with scenes of steamy romance and over-the-top violence.

Boyfriend is about a broken relationship which has ended despite both parties still being in love.

Much like its video, the sombre pop beat explores the perspective of a jealous individual who doesn’t want their lover to move on and find somebody new.

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In the comedically violent short, Grande, 25, not only tackles a woman flirting with Social House’s Michael Foster, but shoots another with a bow and arrow after she catches them talking in private.

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Foster does the same towards the end of the video, when another man is getting close with Grande. He takes things a notch further and rips out his heart as an offering to the Dangerous Woman singer.

The two join hands and lead one another into the washroom for a steamy makeout session, before Charles Anderson the other half of Social House walks in on the two.

Ariana Grande in the music video for ‘Boyfriend.’
Ariana Grande in the music video for ‘Boyfriend.’. YouTube / Republic Records

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The dramatic music video stirred a lot of positive buzz and memes over social media following its release.

Here’s what some Twitter users had to say about Boyfriend:

Boyfriend is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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