Man, 87, rescued by his 2 dogs after getting stuck in knee-deep mud

A man was rescued by his two dogs after he found himself stuck knee-deep in mud.
A man was rescued by his two dogs after he found himself stuck knee-deep in mud. Twitter

A man’s best friends became his life-saving heroes after he got stuck knee-deep in mud on Monday.

While enjoying a summer day with his dogs by the Potomac River, the 87-year-old got “hopelessly stuck in mud,” Peter Piringer, Chief Spokesperson for Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service in Maryland, said in a tweet.

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The unidentified man found himself in “ruff” shape around 2:30 p.m. when he entered a muddy area to retrieve a stick for his dogs, Piringer explained to the Washington Post. He was up to his knees in the thick mud, and couldn’t move.

Springing to action, his canine companions approached a cyclist, who was approximately 150 feet away. The dogs’ barks alerted the cyclist to the man’s yelling, after which emergency services were called.

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The man was rescued unscathed, despite being covered in mud, but obviously shaken by the experience.

Piringer took to Twitter to share the heartwarming heroic story. “Man’s BEST Friend(s),” he wrote, along with details and two photos of the incident.

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The rescuee was stuck in the mud for around an hour, CBS Baltimore reports, before a water rescue team came to retrieve him. Piringer noted that water rescues are not very common, but a woman reportedly drowned in a similar situation a few years ago.

“Man’s best friends, the two dogs, certainly saved the day,” he told the Washington Post.