Cleanup underway after 320,000 litres of oil, produced water leaks at northern Alberta energy site

A file photo of an Alberta Energy Regulator field team. Credit: AER

Cardinal Energy Ltd. says a cleanup is underway after a large spill involving oil and produced water occurred at its House Mountain operation in northern Alberta over the weekend.

The Alberta Energy Regulator posted some details about the spill on its website. The AER said it has been told that a total of 320,000 litres of substances leaked, half of which was crude oil and the other half of which was produced water.

“However, these estimates have not been confirmed by the AER,” the regulator said in an email to Global News. “There have been no reported impacts to the public or wildlife, and cleanup is underway.

“AER staff have been in contact with the company to ensure all response requirements are being met.”

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According to Cardinal Energy, the Calgary-based company became aware of the spill at about 12:30 p.m. on Saturday.

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In an email to Global News on Wednesday, the company’s CEO said the fluid was “released at the facility as a result of a mechanical failure on a transfer pump.

“Most of the fluid release was captured within the safety containment berm surrounding the facility,” Scott Ratushny said. “It is estimated that 99 per cent of the spill has been recovered.”

“The company’s emergency response plan was immediately implemented, which included ensuring the source of the release was shut in immediately and contacting and transporting services to the site to aid in containing and collecting the release.”

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Ratushny said the company is currently “working to reduce the potential impact to the environment and local stakeholders.”

“There have been no injuries as a result of the incident, nor any impacts to wildlife or water bodies,” he added.

Ratushny said the House Mountain site is located about 36 kilometres northeast of Swan Hills, Alta. Swan Hills is located about 225 kilometres northwest of Edmonton.

Watch below: Some Global News videos about oil spills.


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