Free sunscreen dispensers coming to Kelowna hot spots

Jeff Martin/Global Okanagan

An Okanagan mother is doing everything in her power to try and save just one other family from the pain hers has gone through.

Morgan Forshner was just 33 years old when he passed away in December of 2016, after being diagnosed with melanoma.


Courtesy Karen Wells
Courtesy Karen Wells. Courtesy Karen Wells

His mother, Karen Wells, started Morgan’s Mole Patrol, to spread the word about the importance of sun safety.

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She teamed up with the Save Your Skin Foundation, and with the blessing of the City of Kelowna, will soon be placing sunscreen dispensers in various places around Kelowna.

“Starting August 1, we will have three sunscreen dispensers located in Kelowna,” Wells said. “One will be in the Visitor’s Centre downtown, another will be at the Kelowna Golf and Country Club, and the third, we’re still working out a location, but we’re hoping for Gyro Beach.”

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The dispensers are automatic and touchless, and will provide free, SPF 30, environmentally safe sunscreen for anyone who needs it.