Pointe-Claire shelves bus route in Bourgeau Park after outcry over felled trees

Plans for a new road to go through Alexandre Bourgeau Park have been shelved following outcry concerning felled trees. Billy Shields/Global News

A plan to build a paved bus loop through Alexandre-Bourgeau Park has been shelved by the City of Pointe-Claire.

Mayor John Belvedere told Global News that plans had gone forward in early July to build the road in co-operation with the Marguerite-Bourgeoys school board, which operates the elementary school adjacent to the park.

The project drew the ire of some local residents after city workers felled an ash tree and a maple to build the road.


In a written statement, a Pointe-Claire spokesperson wrote specifying that the school board now has the final say whether the road will go forward.

Residents in the community organization called Heart of Pointe-Claire lauded the move, but voiced concern over haste in cutting down the trees.

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“We believe there was a plan to rush through this construction,” said Stéphane Lacari. He added that the road was both environmentally unsound and unsafe for children who play in the park.

“Fortunately, somebody in the process realized it was a wrong idea, it was a bad idea in a park.”

A spokesperson for the school board wasn’t available for comment.

Lacari said the project could be related to plans to develop the old Pioneer bar site and the lot next to it, which is adjacent to the park and used as a drop-off by parents taking children to the school.

However, Belvedere denied there is any relationship between the two projects. The Pioneer’s development plans are currently being challenged in court.

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