Beach neighbourhood residents take parking woes into their own hands — with a can of paint

Click to play video: 'Beach residents take parking woes into their own hands with can of paint' Beach residents take parking woes into their own hands with can of paint
WATCH ABOVE: Parking in Toronto's Beach neighbourhood has been an issue for decades and disgruntled residents have now taken matters into their own hands by painting parking stalls. But City of Toronto officials say residents could face fines. Morganne Campbell explains – Jul 9, 2019

Residents living on Balsam Avenue on Toronto‘s east end have taken matters into their own hands after many say they’re disgruntled over parking woes not just on weekends, but during the week.

It appears someone wants to mark their territory.

Two parking stalls have been painted on the pavement a short distance away from Kew-Balmy Beach. The paint job wasn’t done by the City of Toronto, but rather someone who lives either on the street or nearby — and it’s got people talking.

“I think it was brilliant. They should do it up and down the street,” explained Catherine Henderson, a residents who has spent decades living on a picturesque street.

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“Whoever painted the lines, it’s a good idea because people take extra spots they don’t realize that they’re taking — two and three spots sometimes — and it’s very frustrating,” said area resident Poul Andersen.

While some can understand how frustrations mount, especially during the dog days of summer, others said they are concerned a line may have been crossed.

“It’s maybe going a little bit overboard, but I can kind of understand if you have people who maybe don’t live on this street or in the area parking there all of the time,” said Aime Bilewicz.

For decades, parking has been an issue on Balsam Avenue, a hotspot for those looking to catch some rays and sink their toes in the sand.

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The City of Toronto is aware of the rogue paint-job and a spokesperson said the lines will be removed. Meanwhile, official reminded residents to think twice before picking up a can of paint. If caught by bylaw officers, you could face a fine of $200 plus a $40 surcharge.

“It’s called fouling or obstructing the road,” explained City of Toronto spokesperson Brad Ross.

“The problem we have with marking up the roadway is that it could impede the safe operation of a bicycle or a vehicle pedestrian crossing.”

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The city is advising those left disgruntled over parking woes to contact their local councillor or to dial 311.

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