‘My entire lawn is full of ants’: Regina residents deal with pest problem

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Regina residents deal with pest problem
WATCH: An influx in ants across the city has some Regina residents crawling in their skin – Jun 29, 2019

Regina resident Paula Kirk is sharing her front yard with thousands of ants and she’s ready to evict them.

“My entire lawn is full of ants, which is disgusting,” Kirk said. “From that one hill over there, I noticed that there are little places where the ants have come up throughout the entire lawn.”

“It used to be contained and now it’s the entire yard.”

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What started as one ant mound five years ago has turned into several little mounds dug up throughout Kirk’s front lawn.

She isn’t the only one dealing with the pests, though. Dozens have turned to social media, complaining about the crawling critters. Black pavement ants are upheaving dirt in gardens, grass and sidewalk cracks across the city.

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Dozens of Regina residents are complaining on Facebook about ant infestations in their yards.
Dozens of Regina residents are complaining on Facebook about ant infestations in their yards. Z99 Regina / Facebook
Enn Pasap is dealing with several ant mounds in her yard in the Cathedral neighbourhood. Enn Pasap / Facebook

While many say there seems to be a surge in the ant population, owner of Premier Pest Management Bobbie Enright says these numbers are normal for this time of year.

Enright says once the weather gets warm, the ants leave their underground homes in search of food. The recent rain flooded the ant hills, though, forcing them to find shelter near foundations, siding and window sills.

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“As soon as we get rain, of course that floods the holes and floods their homes. So, right away, they’re going to start looking for a new place to nest,” Enright said. “That’s when [the ants] come out and starts looking for a drier place. So it gives that appearance that there’s a lot more [ants].”

Calling Ant Control

Enright says she gets 15 to 20 calls a day regarding ant infestations. Most calls are complaining about black pavement ants around the foundations of homes, while some are complaints about ant mounds in the yard.

Enright says there is an easy fix to getting rid of the ants. First, she sprays a pesticide barrier around the foundation. Once it dries, she pours granular along the side. The pesticide and granular can also be used on the mounds.

“Barriers only last as long as weather. You like to apply the barrier at least three days where there’s no rain,” Enright said. “That usually gets rid of [the ants]. It kills them off.”
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Click to play video: 'Edmonton woman struggling to cope with ant infestation in her apartment'
Edmonton woman struggling to cope with ant infestation in her apartment

Ants in your Pants and in your House

Enright says she usually sees an influx in calls around the fall. When the weather cools down, ants start to march indoors where it’s warm. But rain can have a similar effect.

“[Rain] is also going to send [the ants] into the homes, especially if you have food out that they can find,” Enright said.
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If ants have a food source, they might be tempted to stay, even if that means their new home is inside the walls of a house. Enright says if she gets calls about ants in houses in early spring, it’s usually a sign that the pests have been there for awhile.

“It’s kind of out of sight, out of mind. So if [the ants] are in the walls and in the insulation, [people] don’t notice them until they start coming out in the spring,” Enright said.

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