High water, erosion closes Big Sandy Bay beach until further notice

Click to play video: 'Popular beach on Wolfe Island closed until further notice' Popular beach on Wolfe Island closed until further notice
The evidence of record breaking water levels is still very evident in our region. But maybe no more so than at big sandy bay beach on Wolfe Island. As Paul Soucy tells us - at this point there's nothing big or sandy about it – Jun 27, 2019

Outside of Sandbanks, Big Sandy Bay is one of the region’s most popular beaches, but in its current state, it isn’t surprising to hear that the beach at Big Sandy Bay on Wolfe Island won’t be opening anytime soon.      

“The predictions aren’t that accurate. We’re expecting it’s probably going to be late July before we see any appreciable decline in the water levels,” Frontenac Islands Mayor Denis Doyle said.  

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Water levels in our region are even higher than in 2017. It’s caused flooding and shoreline erosion all around Wolfe Island, and now, one of its coolest spots is off-limits.

Doyle estimates about 10,000 to 15,000 people come to this beach during the summer season, and while the loss of revenue isn’t ideal, he says it’s the least of his worries. The cost to restore big Sandy Bay Beach could trump the revenue they’ll lose out on.

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“That’s going to cost millions and millions of dollars for our residents,” Doyle said.

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The mayor of Frontenac Islands added he’s hopeful for some help from the Federal and Provincial governments. He also hopes the Big Sandy Bay situation doesn’t deter people from visiting Wolfe Island.

“We’ve still got lots of attractions here on Wolfe Island.”

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