Quebec tables bill to give pharmacists more power

The role of pharmacists would expand under Bill 31. File / Global News

Quebec Health Minister Danielle McCann tabled Bill 31 on Thursday at the National Assembly to give pharmacists more power.

The bill includes changes that would add more tasks for pharmacists.

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Under the bill, pharmacists would be able to do the following in certain cases, or according to the terms and conditions determined by the legislation:

  • Prescribe and administer vaccines and, in emergency situations, certain other drugs;
  • Prescribe all over-the-counter medications;
  • Administer intranasal drugs;
  • Adjust or extend the prescriptions of all prescribers, not just those of physicians;
  • Stop prescribed drug therapy if requested, or following a consultation with a prescriber;
  • Substitute a prescribed drug for another drug even if it does not belong to the same therapeutic subclass;
  • Prescribe and analyze laboratory tests and other tests for the purpose of monitoring drug therapy;
  • Assess the physical and mental condition of a person in order to ensure the appropriate use of drugs.

— With files from Global News’ Kalina Laframboise


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