Frustrations mount as Lethbridge gas prices remain 10 cents higher than provincial average

WATCH: With gas prices roughly 20 cents higher than cities like Calgary, many southern Albertans are frustrated with what they're paying at the pump. Chris Chacon reports.

It’s no secret that most people don’t like to pay extra at the pump, and many Lethbridge residents are expressing frustration as gas prices remain higher in the city than the rest of the province.

“I feel like we’re getting gouged here and a little ripped off,” one resident said.

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“It’s pretty ridiculous. I think it should all be the same price here in Alberta, at least for every city,” another resident added.

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According to, the average price for regular gasoline in Lethbridge is 117.1 cents a litre. In Calgary, it’s more than 15 cents cheaper, coming in at an average price of 101.5 cents a litre.

The significant price difference is not sitting well with some local residents.

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“I don’t agree with the high gas prices, but somebody is making money there — it goes up and it goes down,” said one resident.

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But according to Dan McTeague, a petroleum analyst with GasBuddy, there is a reason for the higher prices currently seen in the city.

McTeague explains that the lower cost in Calgary is due to a 14-cent wholesale decrease countrywide, coupled with the removal of the carbon tax.

“That [decrease] led to many stations in larger cities like Edmonton and Calgary being able to pass on the decreases immediately,” McTeague said.

“Smaller communities tend to have less activity; gas stations aren’t selling as much gasoline.”

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McTeague added that Lethbridge stations still have inventory left from the gasoline they purchased at a higher price, but said he expects that inventory to be gone soon, meaning Lethbridge could soon be seeing similar prices to larger urban centres.

“We’re getting up to the 10th day by this Sunday, and I expect those prices to start to look a whole lot like $1.13 to $1.12 rather than $1.20 or $1.21,” McTeague said.

“I really think it’s time gas stations in Lethbridge get with the program and recognize that 21-cent-a-litre margin is really pushing the envelope.”

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