We want to hear from you: Send us your lamest dad joke for Father’s Day

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We asked, and you responded with zeal!

For Father’s Day we asked readers to send in their best, tired, and cringe-worthy dad jokes. The Global News audience responded with excitement, taking to email and social media to send images of their fathers and their famous dad jokes. Using the hashtag #DadsBestJoke, this is what we were able to curate from you.

To those who took the time to send us their “hilarious” dad jokes, thank you.  

Check out the jokes we have received from across Canada:

Father of four Tristan Braun shared this photo of his family.

Father of four and corny dad joke lover Tristan Braun sent us his best:

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“How does a penguin fix his house? Igloos it.”

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Anecdotes often make for great dad jokes. Justin Shaw shared this fun little story: 

“I walked into the butchers today. When I walked into the shop the butcher asked me ‘I bet you can’t grab that meat off the top shelf for me?’ I replied ‘No the steaks are too high'”

Bridgette Grant shared this photo of her late dad Bruce.

Bridgette Grant, whose most cherished dad jokes came from her late dad Bruce, sent us this travel favourite:

“How do you know a train went past here? You can see its tracks.”

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Wordplay is a key ingredient in any great dad joke recipe. Tyler Seguin, who sent us several dad jokes, proves it with this gem:

“Did you know the first french fries weren’t cooked in France, they were cooked in grease?” 

Seguin also used his knowledge of the classic “what came first” joke to craft this beauty:

“I ordered a chicken and an egg from amazon, I’ll let you know soon.”

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Knock-knock jokes are always fun. Tammy Madigan shared this one:

“Knock, knock .. who’s there? Lettuce. Lettuce who? Lettuce in, it’s cold out here.” 

This punny joke from Manny is rock solid:

“The shovel was a ground-breaking invention!”

Check out these jokes from our Twitter followers:


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“Why do melons have weddings? Because they cantaloupe.”

Dad jokes. We love our dads, but we hate their jokes — or at best, they prompt a solid eye-roll and some major cringe action.

Nevertheless, crafting a good dad joke is an art.

Want to show off your impressive dad joke knowledge? Channel your inner dad by pulling up your high-waisted dad jeans, putting on your sandals with socks, your white polo tee, and sending us your best dad joke. Don’t know any? Wake your dad up from his ritual couch nap and ask. Or maybe don’t ask. He will likely share them anyway.

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Just in time for Father’s Day, here’s how to send us your best dad joke: 

Using the subject line “Dad’s Best Joke” send them to

Be sure to include your name and a photo of your dad.  

You can also share to social media using the hashtag #DadsBestJoke. (Your account must be public so we can see them!) We will feature your jokes here and on our social media sites.

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