Introducing ‘Wait, There’s More,’ a new podcast from Global News

Brian Fudge was killed in 2005. In the debut episode of Wait, There's More, hear how his family waited 13 years for two cases to make their way through the legal system. Global News photo illustration

We’re all inundated by headlines in what seems like an endless 24-hour news cycle. While you might hear about the latest political scandal, environmental crisis or horrific crime story, it can be hard to keep up with the latest updates or answer the question: why does this matter?

On Wait, There’s More, a new daily podcast by Global News, host Tamara Khandaker takes you inside the headlines to reveal the full story, explore new angles, ask tough questions, and talk directly to the people most affected by the big stories.

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In our first episode, Tamara unpacks a Global exclusive by our investigative reporter Andrew Russell, digging into why nearly 800 criminal cases have been tossed since 2016. These include all kinds of criminal cases — drug cases, violent and sexual assaults, even murder. She explains R. v. Jordan, a Supreme Court decision that means if a case takes too long to wind through the courts, then the charges against the accused can be stayed.

We hear from the parents of Brian Fudge, a young man killed in 2005, whose family waited 13 years for two cases to make their way through the legal system.

Every weekday, we will bring you a fresh episode with more stories like this one, just in time for your commute home. Breaking news stories will always give you the basics. But we’re going to slow down and dig a little deeper. We’ll explore new angles and work through tough questions, covering everything from politics to pop culture.

You can listen for free on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your favourite podcasts.

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