Navy confirms investigation after tweet showing sailor with ‘infidel’ arm tattoo

HMCS Fredericton/Gov of Canada

A military spokesman says the Royal Canadian Navy is working to identify a sailor who was singled out on social media for a tattoo on his arm with the word infidel in the shape of a rifle.

Maj. Mark Gough, of Maritime Forces Atlantic, says the navy received word Tuesday from a Forces member who saw the original tweet from a customer in a Halifax coffee shop and sent it up the chain of command.

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The tweet includes a photo of a man’s forearm with the tattoo as he waits in line to be served and identifies him as “a navy guy” because of his uniform and hat.

Gough says the military is concerned by any action or behaviour by a Forces member that would demonstrate intolerance or disrespect and is obligated to look into the circumstances.

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Gough says the navy will consider whether any discipline is warranted once it talks to the member.