4-year-old boy caught on video calling out woman’s bad plane etiquette

Click to play video: 'Four-year-old boy calls out woman for bad plane etiquette'
Four-year-old boy calls out woman for bad plane etiquette
WATCH: A four-year-old boy called out a woman for her bad plane etiquette – Jun 6, 2019

Those of us who frequently travel by air have been there: you’re sitting in the window seat and all of a sudden, there’s a subtle yet distinct odour. You look down and there it is — someone’s bare foot up on the armrest, right below your nose.

This all-too-frequent etiquette blunder happened to Darryl Small and his son, Rodney, who were on their way home to Houston, Texas, from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, almost a month ago.

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Four-year-old Rodney realized the woman seated behind him had placed her bare foot on his chair’s armrest.

Small said he was originally filming Rodney in the hope that he would catch the boy’s reaction to the plane’s takeoff, but instead caught the blunt interaction between his son and a complete stranger.

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“Some stinky feet behind me,” Rodney said to his dad, before he exclaimed, “It’s a lady!”

“Sometimes adults hold back with confronting others to keep the peace but as a child, he voiced his concerns and his facial expressions and reaction made it hilarious,” said Small to social media intelligence agency Storyful. “The lady quickly moved her foot and apologized to him, but as a parent, I was not offended at all. I found it humourous.”

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Small shared the video to his Facebook page on May 17. It has been viewed 35,000 times.

Sometimes, children have an easier time saying what we’re all thinking. Bravo, little man.

With files from Darryl Small, via Storyful


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