Apple criticized for launching $1K monitor stand — monitor sold separately

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WATCH: This week, Apple held its annual WWDC developer conference. – Jun 5, 2019

Apple is being criticized for the lofty price of its newly-launched Pro Stand, which will sell for US$999 (roughly C$1,336).

The stand was one of many devices and software updates announced at the tech giant’s annual WWDC conference.

The new Pro Stand is the only option sold by Apple to support its newly-released $4,999 6K resolution reference monitor, named the Pro Display XDR, besides the $199 VESA mount adapter which must then be attached to a stand or rail.

A baseline Mac Pro at $5,999 with a Pro Display XDR at $4,999 and the Pro stand at $999 will cost the average consumer US$11,997, or roughly C$16,052, not including taxes or delivery fees. Apple

Apple’s $4,999 Pro XDR Monitor on the $999 Pro Stand.The Pro Stand has an adjustable height and a rotation of 120 millimeters. Users can also tilt and rotate the display into landscape or portrait positions. The stand is made of aluminum with a silver matte finish.

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While Apple is known for its high prices, shocked sounds could be clearly heard from the audience when Apple’s resident of hardware engineering, John Ternus, announced the price of the stand.


The tech magazine Wired U.K. made this clear by compiling a list of items Apple users can purchase for $999. Some of these items include six pairs of second-gen AirPods, A MacBook Air 2019 for just $200 more and a number of Apple lifestyle products, including the HomePod, the Apple TV 4K and a pair of AirPods 2.

The prices have also elicited a negative backlash on social media.

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“Only Apple would charge $1,000 for a literal stand and then display it like it’s a piece of art,” one technology writer commented on Twitter.

“I can’t even afford the stand for the Mac Pro,” another user tweeted.

Given its price and its design-oriented features, the monitor has clearly been aimed at professionals working in the creative space, rather than the average consumer.

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In addition to the Pro Stand and the Pro Display XDR, Apple also unveiled a number of other updates; its updated iPadOS; the latest iPhone software update dubbed iOS 13; macOS Catalina, a new software update for its line of MacBook computers; a new watchOS update focused on health and wellness; and a new tvOS software update for Apple TV.

In addition, the tech giant also announced its $6,000 Mac Pro, the most powerful computer in its lineup.

The company also faced criticism after revealing that its new iPhone software update would only extend to phones as early as the iPhone 6S, eliminating the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S Plus and the sixth-generation iPod Touch.

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The iPhone 6 still commands 10 per cent of the iPhone ownership market and broke records after being released in 2014, selling over 10-million units in the first weekend the device went on sale, according to the tech blog Cult of Mac. 

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