Edmonton Eskimos would welcome online 50/50 sales

Football fans line up to buy 50/50 tickets at the Edmonton Eskimos game Thursday, July 24, 2014.
Football fans line up to buy 50/50 tickets at the Edmonton Eskimos game Thursday, July 24, 2014. Cliff Harris, Global News

With the Toronto Raptors in the NBA finals, their 50/50 ticket sales are going through the roof, thanks in part to a recent rule change that the Edmonton Eskimos would be pleased to see in Alberta.

The change expands raffle sales past the roof and walls of the building where an event is held. In the spring, the Ontario government made it so anyone in the province can buy a 50/50 ticket online.

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When it comes to the Raptors, the jackpot awarded for Game 1 was over $407,000. That’s the largest prize listed on the team’s website, although Game 2’s total had not been posted as of Monday morning.

In Alberta, Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis does not allow for the online sale of 50/50 tickets.

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“Defined under the section, 50/50 ticket sales must start and end at the physical event location. This also prevents advance purchasing of 50/50 tickets,” the provincial commission said in a statement to Global News. “Online sales for 50/50 tickets may be considered at a future date.”

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Edmonton Eskimos vice president of communications, Rosemary Phillips, says while they would like to boost their ticket sales with an online option, they’re not pushing the province to move forward with it yet.

“We rely on AGLC as a partner and kind of follow their lead on these things. Should those conversations come up in the future we would definitely welcome them, but as of right now, we are just focused on where are at currently with our 50/50.”

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With how popular the 50/50 is here in Alberta, Phillips says they would embrace the idea if AGLC went with it.

“If and when that were to become available, anything that would help us raise more money for amateur football in Alberta, who is the primary recipient of our 50/50, we would absolutely welcome.”

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The Eskimos hold the record for the highest 50/50 jackpot in the CFL, when the total hit $435,000 at a game last May.

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