Choking customer saved by Greek restaurant manager’s quick thinking

Click to play video 'Choking customer saved by Greek restaurant owner' Choking customer saved by Greek restaurant owner
WATCH: A security camera captured the moment a restaurant manager in Chaniá, Greece, performed the Heimlich maneuver to save a customer from choking – May 29, 2019

A manager of a Greek restaurant went above and beyond the basics of customer service late last week.

Security camera footage captured the moment in Chaniá, Greece, when Vasilis Patelakis performed the Heimlich manoeuvre to save a customer from choking on May 24.

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Patelakis shared CCTV footage, shot at Amphora restaurant, showing him rushing to help the customer, who is is seen pacing back and forth, apparently trying to cough up the food.

According to a Greek news publication, Patelakis wanted to share the dramatic video to spread awareness of the Heimlich manoeuvre and show how easy it is to perform. Turns out it’s a lifesaver, too.

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The first-aid procedure works when pressure is applied to the abdomen by a person standing behind the choking individual, which should forcefully dislodge the food from the windpipe.

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