Poutine flavoured pop?

TORONTO – Many Canadians enjoy the savoury taste of French fries, gravy and cheese curds all piled together in a heaping platter of goodness. Now imagine that taste in liquid form.

Now you can, thanks to Seattle-based Jones Soda Co.

Jones Soda released its Poutine flavoured pop exclusively in its Canadian markets this week, but only for a limited time.

“We recognize the buzz we receive when we launch fun flavours like Turkey and Gravy Jones Soda and Bacon Jones Soda,” said Andrew Baumann, Jones Soda’s Marketing & Social Media Manager, in a press release. “With continued requests for these past flavours and calls to keep coming out with more, we decided to create this new, unique flavour as a nod to our Canadian heritage.”

Founded in 1986, Jones Soda, then Urban Juice & Soda Company, began as a beverage distributor in Western Canada. In 2000, the company changed its name to Jones Soda Co. and moved from Vancouver to Seattle.

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“With a nice balance of rich, savoury gravy over a starchy potato base, and accented with those fatty, cheesy notes you expect in a plate of poutine, we believe we’ve developed the perfect liquid version of this undisputedly Canadian delicacy,” Baumann added.

So, how does it taste? Judging by the reaction of these two, not very good.

And these two (volume warning)

The Poutine flavoured soda is available in Quebec, Ontario and in Vancouver.


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