Lethbridge cycling association holds skills, safety training workshop

Participants of the commuters cycling skills workshop learn about bike safety. Chris Chacon/Global News

As temperatures warm up, more and more Lethbridge residents are swapping four wheels for just two. A greater number of commuters are riding their bikes to get to work and to enjoy the outdoors.

“There’s definitely a great need for cycling education. As part of the city’s cycling master plan, there’s lots of construction that will eventually happen to create new bike lanes but there wasn’t as much focus for having education for both cyclists and motorists as well,” said Tyler Stewart, president of the BikeBridge Cycling Association.

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In an effort to better educate the public about cycling safety and the benefits of riding, the BikeBridge Cycling Association held a workshop on Sunday.

“I was doing things riding my bike and I wanted to know, am I doing it right? Am I being safe? And I found out that a lot of my practices that I thought were considerate of motorists were putting me at great danger,” said Chris Grant, co-director of Alberta Bike Swap.

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The training is part of an ongoing program that is conducted mostly in a classroom setting, though part of it is also held outdoors. Organizers say that with all the traffic and construction on Lethbridge’s roads, riders face many obstacles that could impact their safety.

The course is held on a monthly basis, and the cycling association charges a fee for participants.

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