Halifax major crimes unit returns to Shad Bay to search nearby property

HALIFAX — Halifax Regional Police’s major crimes unit arrived at a Shad Bay home Thursday morning to search a property a few doors away from a home that was the scene of a similar search in March.

Officers searched the wooden area behind 4063 Prospect Road for several hours.

Neighbours say police arrived in the morning and they were surprised and baffled to see them at the property.

In March, police dug up the yard at 4117 Prospect Road searching for human remains. After four days of excavation, police announced that nothing was found.

The house belonged to the brother of Andrew Paul Johnson. Johnson is currently serving time in B.C. for sex related crimes. He has long been suspected in the disappearance of Kimberly McAndrew. Her body has never been found.

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In parole decision documents, Johnson says police were wrong in suggesting that a victim’s body could be on the land of a close family relative.

During the search in March, police contacted the family of Kimberly McAndrew, a Halifax teen who went missing from the Quinpool Road area in 1989.

Police did not confirm a connection between the cold case and the original search.

On Thursday, police wouldn’t say what they were looking for. They did not confirm a connection to Johnson but said they were working on an ongoing investigation.

At the scene, investigators were seen with a saw, rake and metal detector. They left the property around 3 p.m. with a couple bags of evidence.

“Any time you do a search, the workers are going to take stuff. There’s potential to have items seized,” said Cpl. Scott McRae with the Halifax RCMP.

“We’re in the process of searching. We’re looking for evidence. There was information provided to police that the Integrated Major Crimes Investigation felt it was necessary to go back to Shad Bay and check it out.”

McRae says it’s too early to tell if the items seized in the search will be of value to the investigation.

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Police don’t expect to be back in Shad Bay on Friday.

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