Winnipeg opens time capsule from 1965

Click to play video 'When the PSB time capsule was first sealed' When the PSB time capsule was first sealed
WATCH: City Hall hosted a reveal Tuesday of a time capsule to mark the anniversary of the opening of the Public Safety Building – May 21, 2019

The City of Winnipeg unveiled the contents of a time capsule Tuesday.

WATCH: City officials reveal time capsule from PSB cornerstone, Amber McGuckin reports

Click to play video 'Winnipeg opens time capsule from 1965' Winnipeg opens time capsule from 1965
Winnipeg opens time capsule from 1965 – May 21, 2019

The capsule was “placed within the Public Safety Building” on Nov. 30, 1965, said the city.

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The time capsule has already been opened, however, envelopes inside the capsule were still sealed shut.

The capsule contained photographs, buttons, badges and other items.

“The PSB initially housed the police, fire, and signals departments, as well as the Magistrate’s Court,” according to the City.

The recording of the ceremony can now be found on the City’s website.

“The Signals Department was formerly responsible for emergency telecommunications, two-way radio, telegraph communications, traffic signals, alarm systems, and automatic controls.”

“At the time of the building’s opening, the communication system was said to be the most modern of its kind in the country,” said Sarah Ramsden, Senior Archivist at the City of Winnipeg.

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The capsule was opened on Tuesday because it was first opened to on May 18, 1966.

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The building itself is expected to be demolished in the spring of 2020.

Trip back in time

Things were a lot different in Winnipeg back in 1965.

Old flyers show you could get a steak for about 79 cents a pound, while it will cost you closer to $9 a pound now.

Skilled workers in the city were earning about $2.48 per hour and women were earning even less, according to Statistics Canada.

The Winnipeg Realtors’ MLS listings show the average house was selling for $13,588. In 2019 the average is $331,620.

The Ford Mustang was the hot car in 1965 selling for about $2,400 but now according to local car dealerships it will cost you about $52,000.

– With files from Amber McGuckin

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