Kingston mother feels violated after stroller stolen from front porch

Surveillance footage of a stroller theft in Kingston. Supplied Photo

It’s not the Mother’s Day gift Laura Watt expected to receive. The mother of three said her stroller was stolen last Sunday right off her front porch and she has surveillance video of the brazen theft.

“It felt really violating,” Watt said from her Victoria Street home.

“This is a man who tip-toed on to our porch at six a.m. while we were all asleep. He scurried around the back of our house looking for things.”

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Watt admits it took a few days for her to notice it was actually stolen. She first thought she had placed it somewhere different than its usual spot. Eventually, she looked at the security footage and realized what had happened.

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“To see someone creeping around while we’re upstairs is not a nice feeling,” she said.

According to Watt, police have been contacted but no one has been assigned to the case yet.

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It’s not all bad news, Watt says. In the days after she posted the video of the alleged theft, neighbours got together to pitch in for a new double stroller like the one she lost, while others gave her one to use until then.

“Within hours, a stroller had appeared,” Watt said.

“I babysit children three days a week, and honestly, cannot do it without a double stroller.”

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