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Trio of Saint Bernards settling in to new Calgary digs

WATCH ABOVE: Three Saint Bernard siblings who were adopted out of the Edmonton Humane Society late last year have settled in with their new family in Calgary. Community Reporter Deb Matejicka tells us how the dogs are doing and reveals information about the trio that wasn't previously known.


A trio of Saint Bernard canines who created a media frenzy late last year has settled in to their new home in Calgary quite comfortably, according to their new owners Mike and Kirsten Nyhus.

“Awesome, awesome,” Kirsten said when asked how the dogs were enjoying their new home.

“Everybody’s so fully adjusted, it’s almost like they’ve been with us forever.”

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Goliath, Gasket and Gunther captured the hearts of people across the world when the Edmonton Humane Society went public with their plight last October.

After arriving in Edmonton via another animal rescue agency, it was soon discovered the three massive brothers suffered severe anxiety and stress whenever they were separated.

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The decision was quickly made to put the three up for adoption together — all 350 pounds of them.

The Nyhus family didn’t hesitate and were among hundreds who submitted an application.

With four other dogs already at home, the couple — who also has two children — knew what they were getting into.

The excessive shedding was expected — they say they vacuum a couple of times every day — but the amount of drool each dog produces was something they weren’t totally prepared for.

‘You don’t fight it. Like, there’s no winning this one,” laughed Mike, adding Goliath has earned the nickname “Fawcet” for the fountains of water that come out of his mouth.

“He’ll take like three litres of water in his mouth, but only one will actually (stay), so he’ll take like two all over the floor,” Mike chuckled.

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With all the attention the dogs initially received, several people who knew and recognized the dogs have since come forward to provide the family with more information about them.

The Edmonton Humane Society had the brothers pegged at about a year old but they are in fact closer to six.

And the strong bond they share that melted hearts around the world? It’s always been there.

“Even as puppies, they always seemed to be together,” said Kirsten, who was given several photos of the dogs as pups. “So even as puppies they seemed to be fully bonded.”

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Not much about the dogs has surprised the Nyhus family, except maybe their capacity to love and be loved.

“They’re just special, there’s something about them,” said Mike.

“They just bring so much love into our family, like, they just radiate it and they’re so playful and they’re so good and it’s just been so amazing for us as a family,” Kirsten added.

“They’re special souls, absolutely.”

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