Nearly 300 firearms collected through Saskatchewan-wide gun amnesty program

283 firearms, including shotguns and rifles, were collected by police services across Saskatchewan in 2019, part of the gun amnesty program. Derek Putz / Global News

Police services throughout Saskatchewan collected 283 firearms from across the province through the gun amnesty program in 2019.

The number of guns collected is down from 2018 when the Saskatchewan Associations of Chiefs of Police (SACP) launched the province-wide program.

Police collected 369 firearms in 2018.

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“Seeing a bit of a decline in the number of firearms turned in shouldn’t be a surprise. I mean, we obviously got a large number the very first year we did it,” said Evan Bray, Regina police chief.

“But really, it gives us the chance to reach people and raise awareness around firearm safety.”

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207 of the guns collected in 2019 were non-restricted weapons and were mostly shotguns and rifles.

Regina police collected 57 guns and 15 rounds of ammunition while 74 guns and 85 boxes of ammunition were turned in to Saskatoon police.

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“Overall, it’s been a great success. We’re happy about it and the Saskatchewan Associations of Chiefs of Police have committed to do it one more year and we will reevaluate after that,” Bray said.

The Regina Police Service was first to hold a gun amnesty program in 2017, collecting 157 firearms.

All firearms collected will be melted down and destroyed, unless needed for historical reasons or evidence in a crime.

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