Floods continue from Saskatchewan to Ontario

Floodwaters continue to rise as three Saskatchewan communities declared states of emergency on April 29, 2013. Devin Sauer / Global News

Spring may be here, but the effects of Canada’s long winter are being felt in large parts of the country.

Rising waters have seriously affected western provinces, as well as parts of Ontario. In Saskatchewan, the towns of Radisson, Borden and Maidstone declared states of emergency on Monday as floodwaters threatened homes. A VIA train derailed Sunday near Togo as it went over a section of track that had been washed away.

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Floodgates outside of Winnipeg were raised Tuesday in an effort to stop rising water from reaching the city. About 50 farmers showed up at the Portage Diversion, angered that surrounding farmland would be flooded. They claim that the government has been slow to compensate them for the 2011 flood. After a court injunction was imposed, the diversion was opened at 11 p.m., five hours later than scheduled.

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In parts of northern Ontario, many areas including Bancroft and Parry Sound are still under flood warnings. Many others are still under flood watches.