‘Big Brother Canada’ sends home 2 houseguests in another double eviction

(L-R) Dane Rupert. Anthony Douglas, Damien Ketlo and Kyra Shenker. Corus / Global TV

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on unless you’ve watched Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother Canada.

Operation 200th Episode was accomplished with an epic Big Brother Canada double eviction.

After a tense week in the Big Brother Canada house, Nadleh Whut’en’s Damien Ketlo and Gatineau’s Estefania (Este) Hoyos were nominated for eviction by Head of Household Adam Pike.

In his first ever comp win, Ketlo finally pulled himself off the block after being nominated for eviction for the fourth time.

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With Edmonton’s Mark Drelich up as the replacement nominee and Hoyos believing Pike’s counterintelligence speech about Drelich being the real target, she was ultimately blindsided when she was sent packing in a 3-1 vote.

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(L-R): Estefania Hoyos and Mark Drelich.

But the Big Brother Canada house is not a safe house, and everyone’s a target, which proved to be the case when Arisa Cox informed the remaining agents that this week was the second double eviction of the season.

With Dane Rupert winning the curiously challenging “Right on Cue” HOH competition, he subsequently nominated Kyra Shenker and Ketlo — putting the latter on the block for the fifth time.

After winning the spirited “Balls Out” Power Of Veto challenge, Anthony Douglas chose not to use the power of veto, which ultimately sent fan favourite Ketlo out the door in a unanimous vote.

(L-R): Arisa Cox and Damien Ketlo. (Corus/Global TV).

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Global News spoke with Hoyos and Ketlo the day after they were evicted and asked about their time in the Big Brother Canada house before they head to the jury house.

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Global News: How does it feel to be outside of the BBCAN house so close to the end?
Estefania (Este) Hoyos: It sucks. I think that I was kind of preparing to leave, but being out doesn’t suck as much as being blindsided. That’s the worst feeling.
Damien Ketlo: It’s a rough feeling, to be honest. It was starting to get more realistic that this thing could actually be potentially a real thing, and now it’s all over.

What happened, Este? Why do you think you got blindsided?
EH: Well, clearly, based on the goodbye messages, there’s a big guys’ alliance. And Dane totally played me. He was not loyal to me like I thought he was, and I guess it makes sense. I was on the block next to Mark, and the other guys wanted to keep Mark over me so I can understand him not wanting to go against that and to stay loyal to his main group. I think it just sucks that he didn’t tell me about it.

Did you ever expect everyone was lying about evicting Mark?
EH: No, I didn’t! I mean, Adam put on a good show during his HOH and during when Mark put up Adam. I don’t know if that was a lie. I don’t know if that was a big act. I’m still very confused about the previous weeks. I was just very surprised.

Do you feel betrayed by Dane?
EH: I feel so betrayed by Dane at the moment. When I first walked out, I was like, ‘OK, it’s fine. It’s just a game.’ And then I slept on it and now I’m just so angry and I need to hear a big explanation from Dane because I didn’t expect him to get me out so fast, so soon without even telling me beforehand.

Do you feel like having a showmance affected your game?
EH: I think that it actually maybe helped my game. I don’t know if I would have made it as long without him (Dane) because he was winning competitions. He and I clicked from like the second night and it so happened that he was good at competitions later on so it worked out in my favor. With the way the things went, I don’t know if I would have gone as far as I did if I hadn’t had Dane.

Damien, were you surprised by the double eviction?
DK: I knew something was coming. I didn’t know if it was going be a double or perhaps even a triple. But yeah, I wasn’t very surprised. I knew something was coming.

Did you feel betrayed by the boys?
DK: Oh, entirely! I feel betrayed by the boys. They talked about doing the boys thing forever, and I was like, ‘Well, let’s do it then! Are we going to keep talking about it? Are we going to do it?’ And then, apparently, I was on the outside looking in. And that’s the end of the story, I guess.

How did you feel when you won the veto?
DK: Oh, I felt great! Now, hindsight’s 20-20; I feel like after yesterday’s events have transpired, if I didn’t win that veto I probably would have been going home last week as well.

You were on the block so many times! How did you handle that stress?
DK:  I guess just freaking out on the inside but being cool and collected on the outside. Every time someone freaked out and went on the block, they kind of went home. And if they campaigned and gave out multiple names, they’d go home. And just like hockey, to be in goalie, you have to deal with bad bounces that sometimes don’t go your way. It’s how you react forward from there so that kind of helped me being on the block.

Who do you hope enters the jury house next?
EH: I hope I see Adam walking out of those doors and into the jury house really quickly and then maybe Kyra.
DK: (Laughing) Oh, let me see… Mark!

Who do you think was running the house?
DK: Anthony, but I don’t know. I think Adam’s running the house pretty well. They could have done a big move yesterday and they didn’t. Everyone knows Adam is such a good player and can be hard to get out. They didn’t do that to Adam.

Who do you hope wins it all?
EH: I am bitter towards Dane — not going to lie about that. But as a fan of the show, I can respect that he has played an amazing game socially and in competitions. He has a whole package. He was nice to everybody, everybody thought he had their back. As far as jury management goes, he’s doing a pretty bad job at it. I don’t want to be a bitter juror so I hope he wins and I would love to see Damien there, too.
DK: Initially, before yesterday, I wanted Dane to win but I guess he had other plans. We will see how I feel about that in a couple days.

Who was the hardest to live with?
EH: Oh, my God! There’s quite a few people that are a little bit difficult to live with. I would say, first, Eddie because he just he ate all the unripe avocados, and it really got to me. Then Mark because he ate all the berries as soon as we got them, and I love berries. I think that Adam was also hard because sometimes he woke up on the wrong side of the bed and he didn’t acknowledge your presence and other times he was nice. You just never knew what Adam you were going to get that day so it was hard walking on eggshells with him.
DK: (Laughing) Let’s just say Kyra cried a lot.

Whose goodbye message shocked you the most?
EH: Damien and Dane’s and Mark’s and… I don’t (know), all of them! All of them! I was in shock. I was in shock with this whole guys’ alliance thing, and initially, when Arisa said the three-to-one vote and that I was evicted, I thought that it was Damien and Kyra who had flipped. I was very surprised when Damien said: ‘If you’re watching this, I don’t know what’s going on.’ And then when Dane said I was 99 per cent loyal to you, I was like, ‘Whoa!’ I stopped listening after that.

Would you do anything differently?
EH: Knowing what I know now, if I did and I was back in the house, I would probably work on the girls more. I hate that it was a guys versus girls thing but I would try to work with the girls a little bit harder.
DK: I would probably solidify the guy alliance as the final five a little bit more instead of saying that I don’t trust Mark in the final four. But I played the game true and honest as best as I could and I have no regrets.

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This interview has been edited and condensed.

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