Regina roads top CAA Saskatchewan’s worst roads campaign list

Mckee Crescent in Regina is listed as one of the Top 10 worst roads in Saskatchewan in the Worst Roads campaign. CAA Saskatchewan

Fourteen roads in Regina top the list as CAA Saskatchewan‘s ‘Worst Roads‘ campaign enters its second week.

The list ranks roads according to potholes or crumbling pavement, poor or no road signs, lack of cycling and walking infrastructure, and traffic congestion.

CAA said multiple roads and highways made up the top 10 list after 352 votes were cast in the first week. The full list follows at the bottom of this story.

Tow truck drivers are being focused in week two of the campaign to highlight the safety of the roads needed to assist motorists or cyclists on roadways.

The president of Roadside Responders Association of Saskatchewan, Brad Stratychuk, did note the work that has been done to improve roads in Saskatchewan.

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“We thank the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association, the municipalities, and the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure for the work they do on our roads,” said Stratychuk in a release.

The CAA said advocating for the safety through improvements of roads is a priority for the organization.

The ‘Worst Roads’ campaign runs until May 8, with the final results being released May 9.

Week two’s worst roads as listed by voters:

  1. Saskatchewan 26, Goodsoil
  2. Highway 21, Paradise Hill
  3. Saskatchewan 795, between St. Walburg and Livelong
  4. Saskatchewan 26, Loon Lake
  5. Saskatchewan 24, Spirtwood
  6. *Saskatchewan 31, Dodsland
    *Dolphin Bay, Regina
  7. *Cowan Crescent, Regina
    *Blakeney Drive, Regina
  8. * Saskatchewan 102, North of La Ronge
    *Saskatchewan 307, Coleville
    *Saskatchewan 26, Mervin
  9. * Saskatchewan 155, Between Buffalo Narrows and La Loche
  10. * 1 Avenue Southeast, Moose Jaw
    *Grant Road, Regina
    * Schweitzer Drive, Regina
    *Froom Crescent, Regina
    *Procter Place, Regina
    *Grant Drive, Regina
    *Coventry Road, Regina
    *Quinn Drive, Regina
    *North Service Road, Regina
    *McKee Crescent, Regina
    *13th Avenue Northwest, Moose Jaw
    *Garnet Street North, Regina
    *Academy Park Road, Regina

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