Flooded highways damage vehicles, causes traffic delays

SASKATOON – The spring melting season across Saskatchewan is causing highway crews to work round-the-clock to drain major roadways.

Dana Friesen with the Highway Hotline says they have been working hard to keep up with all the calls about flooding in the province.

“Particularly the North Battleford, Kindersley, Moose Jaw areas, crews then go out and respond to these areas. They set up signs, and we have flag people out there,” Friesen said.

“If the water is covering the highway so much so that cars are not able to pass, we’ll set up local detours if possible.”

According to the Government of Canada flood safety website, roads covered in water are more prone to collapse and trying to drive through the flooding could stall the engine and damage it.

Vanscoy resident Richard Sanders says there are certain highways in his area that are either flooded, or just about to be flooded.

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“We were coming back from Pike Lake and there was water, it looked like we were driving on top of a lake,” said Sanders.

Highway crews are monitoring low-lying areas, but Friesen says the whole province is under threat.

She urges people to check the Highway Hotline website to find out if there are road closures or flooding in the area before heading out.

According to Environment Canada, a cooler weather system is moving in on Tuesday which is expected to slow the runoff.

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