South Carolina girl with prosthetic leg flips, dances her way to viral fame

10-year-old South Carolina girl with prosthetic leg flips and dances her way to viral fame
Video showing a 10-year-old girl with a prosthetic leg dancing and flipping has gone viral, with it receiving more than two million views.

If there’s a definition of true grit and determination, this 10-year-old South Carolina girl might be it after video of her flipping and dancing with her prosthetic leg went viral.

Video of Jamiyah Robinson doing multiple flips across her front lawn has been seen more than two million times since being posted by her mother LaShawn Jacobs on Facebook two weeks ago.

Robinson was born with one leg shorter than the other due to a condition known as left leg femoral deficiency and began wearing a prosthetic leg at the age of five, CBS-affiliate WRDW reports.

“The first time, when I got it, it felt weird, but now it feels like a regular leg,” she told CBS.

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Her mother said since Jamiyah was born, she has been teaching her daughter how to be strong given the possible challenges she may face and go for her dreams.

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She said her daughter “amazes” her every day and says she shows you can “live life” fearlessly — whether you have a disability or not.

“My daughter, she inspires and touches a lot of people and I just really want her to continue to inspire the world and it’s nothing that you can’t do,” Jacobs said.

“Jamiyah lets nothing stop her and I want the world to know, like, go for it.”

Jamiyah’s interest in dancing began after watching her sister dance in a community team that was featured on the Lifetime show, “Bring It!” She told her mother she wanted to audition, and got the opportunity to, but not without some fears from Jacobs.

Jacobs was nervous about Jamiyah dancing, but said several people told her how well she did.

The 10-year-old has now been a part of the team for two years and says she doesn’t feel different from the other dancers.

Her coach, Malikea Hollis, said she keeps up with all the girls.

“It’s never a moment where we have to adjust or change anything for her because of her condition,” Hollis told CBS. “A lot of people, when we go to competitions, they don’t even realize that she has a prosthetic leg unless they really, really pay attention.

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“She doesn’t miss a beat at all.”

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It’s that encouragement and support she receives from Hollis and Jacobs that helps Jamiyah keep going.

“They help me never give up. If I say I can’t do something, sometimes I’ll cry but they’ll tell me to never give up, to never say I can’t do something because I really can,” she said.