Lethbridge residents to receive blue curbside recycling bins in coming weeks

City of Lethbridge recycling program to kick off in May
Lethbridge residents will soon have a second bin sitting in front of their homes. Kyle Benning has more on the city's recycling program, its goals and how it will help the environment.

It’s the shipment the City of Lethbridge has been waiting for. More than 15,000 blue recycling curbside bins are expected to arrive this week.

“The plan is to see the residents of Lethbridge generating less garbage in the long run,” said Joel Sanchez, the city’s general manager of the Waste and Recycling department.

The city expects to start delivering the bins next week, with the first pick-ups taking place between May 14 and 24.

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One University of Lethbridge professor says it’s a win-win situation; extending the landfill’s lifespan and making a difference to the environment.

“For the most part, citizens feel good to recycle and feel part of the solution — and not only part of the problem because we consume,” Luis Escobar said.

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A four-year-old survey found most of the materials in Lethbridge trash cans are organic or recyclable.

“Forty-seven per cent of the materials in the black cart today are organics. Twenty-seven to 28 per cent are recyclable materials and only 24 to 25 [per cent] are garbage,” Sanchez said.

With a large portion of organics being thrown out, Sanchez is planning to make another move to alter the city’s waste strategy.

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“In the future, we’re going to go back to council with a proposal for the green bin. So when that happens, that will alleviate even more of the problem.

“You will see the garbage that is going to be generated is going to be probably a quarter of what residents generate today,” he said.

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The city said collection days should stay the same, and will take place every other week instead of every week.

A schedule and map will be attached to every delivered blue bin.

For more information about what can and can’t go in your blue bin, you can visit or call the waste and recycling hotline at 403-329-7367.