Ontario considers scrapping front licence plates, final decisions have not been made

Premier of Ontario Doug Ford speaks during a media event in Saskatoon, Thursday, October 4, 2018.

TORONTO – Ontario is considering eliminating front licence plates on vehicles across the province.

Premier Doug Ford‘s office says the idea is under review but no decisions have been made.

A spokesman for the premier says removing front licence plates will not be included in plans for redesigned commercial and regular plates that are expected to be detailed in the budget on Thursday.

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Ford recently said the look of Ontario’s licence plates will soon be changing, at no cost to taxpayers, but provided no other details about the redesign.

The premier’s office has said new designs being considered include one of the Progressive Conservative’s campaign slogans – “Open For Business” – which could end up on commercial plates.

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Opposition politicians have slammed the upcoming design change as a waste of money and an attempt to force the government’s partisan slogans onto the vehicles of Ontario drivers.

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