Diego Maradona fined after dedicating his Mexican soccer club’s win to Nicolas Maduro

Dorados de Sinaloa's head coach, Argentinian Diego Armando Maradona, speaks during a press conference in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, 24 November 2018. EPA/HECTOR DAYER via AP

Diego Maradona has been fined for dedicating a recent victory by his Mexican club to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Mexico’s football federation said on Monday.

The Argentine great, who coaches Dorados de Sinaloa, had dedicated a 3-2 win over Tampico Madero to Maduro and Venezuela in a news conference at the end of last month.

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The body said in a statement that Maradona had been fined an unspecified sum for violating the federation’s code of ethics which mandates political neutrality.

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Maradona had said he was dedicating the victory to Maduro and Venezuelans caught up in an economic crisis.

He also criticized U.S. President Donald Trump.

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