Stretch of Napier Street permanently closed for walkway, park expansion

It looks like Churchill Park will be receiving an upgrade from the city of Kingston.

Napier Street between Mack and Brock streets will be shut down for good later this week to kick start a project to extend Churchill Park and connect it to the old St. Mary’s schoolyard.

The street will give way to the expanding green space from the park, but the asphalt won’t disappear entirely.

“The existing asphalt areas could be used for a basketball court, recreation areas, bike riding, that sort of thing,” says Peter Huigenbos, commissioner of community services.

The area will be used for activities, but the city plans on maintaining a through traffic route as well.

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“The intent always is for a link there for pedestrians, cyclists and other active modes of transportation to continue to use that block,” adds Huigenbos.

Preliminary construction work will start next week.

A portion of that work will take place on Trina Voteary’s property.

Her home sits on the corner of Napier and Mack streets, with the driveway exiting on to Napier.

The city is contributing to some of the costs of relocating the driveway to Mack Street.

Voteary says they will be losing one tree in the process, but it is a sacrifice with a return.

“To have more parkland being created, it’s really advantageous, and you know, there’s a calmness to it,” Voteary told Global News.

Actual park work is slated to begin later this summer at a cost of $600,000.

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