‘Our country is full’: Trump says immigration system overwhelmed

Trump claims some asylum seekers are gang members
U.S. President Donald Trump claimed Friday that some asylum seekers are gang members and called it a "hoax," adding that "our country is full."

Eager to make border security a central campaign issue, President Donald Trump consulted with immigration agents in a California border city Friday while insisting that the nation’s immigration system was overburdened and declaring that “our country is full.”

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The political battle over the border ignited again just as Air Force One touched down in Calexico, not far from Mexico, as California and 19 other states that are suing Trump over his declaration requested a court order to stop money from being diverted to fund the project. But Trump, who has placed hard-line immigration policy at the heart of his administration, declared that his move, which included vetoing a congressional vote and some opposition from his own party, was necessary.

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