Calgary Flames fans will cough up big cash for playoff tickets

WATCH: Calgary Flames fans should be prepared to spend a decent chunk of change to catch the NHL team in post-season play. As Jenna Freeman reports, some Calgarians think the prices are downright unaffordable.

The Calgary Flames clinched the top spot in the Western Conference last week, securing their place in the playoffs that are slated to start next week.

Presale tickets for season ticket holders were available Wednesday and the cheapest price was listed at $150 for a seat in the nosebleeds.

Some fans were disheartened at the steep prices, noting that the average family would have to shell out nearly $500 just to get seats at the coveted games.

“It’s pretty insane,” said Flames fan John Gardiner. “The fact that a family can’t go down and enjoy the best atmosphere in the NHL? That’s pretty sad.”

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In the past, the further along the Flames made it in the playoff run, the more expensive the tickets got.

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“The fact they’re coming out this high out of the gates means if we make it Round 3 or 4, we’re looking at even more.”

In previous playoff runs, organizations have offered tickets to the public at discounted prices.

Calgary Co-op will be releasing tickets through a random draw process. Shoppers can enter their names at customer service.

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