Second pot shop authorized to open in London: AGCO

J. London has been given authorization to open along Richmond Row. Google Maps

Days after London’s first brick-and-mortar cannabis retail store opened its doors in the west end, a second retail operation has been authorized to open the provincial regulator says.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) says J. London has been given authorization to open along Richmond Row. Its planned location at 695 Richmond St. is the same plaza that, until late last year, was home to the illegal pot shop London Relief Centre.

It’s not clear when the store, owned by Ranjit Basra, will officially open its doors.

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Central Cannabis opened Monday morning on Wonderland Road, north of Oxford Street. Some 100 people lined up outside to be among the first people to legally purchase cannabis from a retail store in the city.

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The province had planned to have 25 stores open across Ontario for April 1, but only 10 were ready to serve customers on the first day.

A third cannabis store in the city, Tweed, owned by a numbered Ontario company, is still awaiting authorization from the AGCO. It’s set to open along Wellington Road near White Oaks Mall.

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