‘I’m always optimistic’: NFL pre-season game still a possibility in Regina

‘I’m always optimistic:’ NFL pre-season game still a possibility in Regina
WATCH: An NFL pre-season game at Regina's Mosaic Stadium is still a possibility.

The possibility of an NFL pre-season game coming to Regina’s Mosaic Stadium isn’t off the table yet, but time to make the final play is running out.

With other cities rumoured to be chomping at the bit, fans want to see the Queen City pull out all stops to make it happen.

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“When we built the stadium we looked for opportunities. We want to make sure we utilize that stadium as much as possible,” Regina Mayor Micheal Fougere said. “It’s the best stadium in Canada and it’s one of the best in North America for its size and if we can attract these kinds of events no matter what they are CFL events, or soccer events, we will do that.”

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The Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders were initially scheduled to play Aug. 23.

But the CFL and Roughriders raised concerns that there wouldn’t be enough time to turn over the stadium for the Riders regular season game the next day.

The city now says the focus has shifted to Aug. 22.

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“The Riders have been very supportive, but as any team would say, ‘know these concerns and understand our position,’ and that is taken into account no question,” Fougere said.

While the push to get the NFL game to the Queen City is still alive, the clock is winding down.

“The promoter has a lot of work to do,” Fougere said. “He has to do a signed agreement with Evraz Place and has not done that yet. He’s got a lot of work to do to see that this happens.”

“I’m always optimistic. I always am until the promoter or city says no for reasons that terms can’t be met.”