Saskatchewan Roughriders deny reports of being against potential NFL game

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are set to kick off their regular season in Mosaic Stadium this Saturday.
Contrary to recent reports, the Saskatchewan Roughriders say they are not opposed to a potential NFL pre-season game being held at Mosaic Stadium. File / Global News

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have denied all rumours to being against a potential NFL pre-season game being held at Mosaic Stadium.

Following recent reports claiming they opposed the idea, the organization released a statement Tuesday afternoon saying they would support the decision as long it didn’t interrupt regular operations of the Riders.

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The club said in the statement they worked with Evraz Place, the City of Regina, the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the NFL around making it happen.

Both the team and CFL shared their concerns that a Friday night game would not allow enough time to convert the stadium back to standard for a Riders regular-season game the following day.

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The two sides also identified significant risks to fan experience, club sponsors and the league’s broadcast.

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The Riders did say in their statement “they would openly support potential alternative dates that did not pose significant risk to previously scheduled Roughrider games and that would work for all parties.”

Rumours had the Oakland Raiders playing the Green Bay Packers on Aug. 23.

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